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Magnitude handling

command: MAGNITUDE <subcmd> <magtype>
command: MAGNITUDE DETERMINE <magtype> <trclist> <from> <to>
command: MAGNITUDE DETERMINE <magtype> <trclist> <phaselist> <span>

Magnitude management. Magnitudes are stored in a separate container, which is controlled via this command set.


  • <subcmd> parameter type: string
    Magnitude subcommand: possible values are:
    DETERMINE: determine magnitude from waveform data
    SET: set magnitude values (mainly used for recovery operations)
    CLEAR: delete a subset of magnitudes
    MEAN: compute mean magnitude
    PLOT: create magnitude vs distance plot
    DUMP: dump all phases on screen.
  • <magtype> parameter type: string
    Magnitude type, possible values: 'ml', 'mb', 'mS', 'mBB'.
  • <trclist> parameter type: trace list
    List of traces to compute magnitudes.
  • <from> parameter type: float
    Start of (fixed) time window to find magnitude on waveforms.
  • <to> parameter type: float
    End of (fixed) time window to find magnitude on waveforms.
  • <phaselist> parameter type: string
    Comma separated list of phases. Find magnitude windows around phases. Uses manual (preferred) and theoretical phases. Takes the largest magnitude found in all windows.
  • <span> parameter type: float
    Width of time span to find magnitudes around phases. <span> is taken after manual phases or around (centered) theoretical phases.




Determine ml-magnitudes in 8s windows around Pg and Sg phases on all traces.
magnitude mean ml &g1
Compute mean ml magnitude on all stations and put the result into variable g1.
magnitude plot ml
Generate magnitude vs distance plot with all ml magnitudes and show figure on screen.
magnitude clear ml
Delete all ml magnitudes.
magnitude clear ml gr.gra1
Delete ml magnitude on station gr.gra1.