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parser implementation

This page shows the current command implementation in SHX. Please note that all undocumented and deprecated commands will be no part of SHX.

command status comment
AL finished r664, no graphical selection
AM finished r733, no graphical selection
APPEND finished r567
ARP finished r665
BEAM partly so far no qualifiers implemented
CALC finished r535, relaxed parameter checking, no request for missing parameters
CHANSELECT finished new command in SHX
CMD finished r667, CMD itself is not included in command file
CONNECT finished r568
COPY finished r559
CORR finished r671, "M" qualifier not supported
CORRL finished r572
CREATE finished r545
CUT partly r575, not supporting VEL and POS qualifier
DECIMATE finished r619
DEFAULT finished
DEL finished
DEMEAN finished r574
DERIVE finished r673
DESPIKE finished r676, no support for LOG qualifier
DISPLAY finished r552
DTW finished r607
DYW finished r674
ECHO finished accepts multiple parameters
ECHO_CH finished
ENTER finished r537, no qualifier support
EVENTS finished new command in SHX
EXEC finished r657
EXTRACT finished r679
FCT partly supported: corrmode, setstyle, margin, oscall, overlapping_traces
FDSNWS finished new command in SHX
FETCH finished r928, new command in SHX
FETCH_AREA finished new command in SHX
FFT -- replaced by command psd
FILI finished r582, no support for /COMPRESS qualifier
FILTER partly r589, supporting F and R filters, no support for /DEMEAN and /LPC qualifier
FINDGAP finished r713
FIXGAP finished r681
FK finished new command in SHX, replaces old LOCATE
FOLD finished r691
GOTO finished
HC finished r929, currently only PNG dumps
HELP finished including first steps, help texts takes from SHX-website
HIDE finished r550
IF finished r533, not supporting /FORWARD qualifier
INT finished r699
LOCATE WIP locate events using phase picks (different functionality as before, old command replaced by FK)
MAGNITUDE WIP new command in SHX
MARK finished
MAXAMPL finished r666
MAXIMUM finished r705
MDIR finished r723
MEND finished r700
MERGE finished r701
MERGE_PAIR finished r702
META finished new command in SHX
MIRROR finished r566
MPLPLOT finished new command in SHX
NORM finished r623
NR finished r590
OVERLAY finished
PARAM finished new command in SHX
PHASE finished new command in SHX
PICK finished r741
PLOT_STATIONS finished new command in SHX
POLFIL finished r727
PSD finished new command in SHX, replaces old FFT
QUIT finished
RD finished r590
READ partly r599, no support for POS and VEL qualifiers
READA finished r602, new qualifier /ALL
READF -- replaced by reado
READO finished new command in SHX
READS finished r573, no qualifiers regarding data format (not needed anymore)
RESAMPLE finished r705
RETURN finished
RMS finished r615
ROT finished r712
SDEF finished
SDEL finished
SET partly r558, currently file modification not supported
SHIFT partly r625, not supporting "ps_delay", "red_time", "sd_delay"
SIMULATE finished r878, new command, only SHX
SLEEP finished new command in SHX
SORT_BY_DISTANCE finished new command in SHX
SPIKING finished r695
STW finished r607
SUM finished r577, undocumented qualifiers not supported
SWITCH finished new switch "keeptraces"
SYSTEM finished r538
SYW finished r674
THEOPHASE WIP new command in SHX
TIME finished
TITLE finished r708
TRCFCT finished r576
TREND finished r591
TTT WIP new command in SHX
UI WIP Open graphical user interface (experimental)
UITRIGGER finished trigger action in GUI
UNIT finished r616
VESPAPLOT? finished new command in SHX
WDW partly trace display creation and deletion works
WIENER finished new command in SHX
WRITE finished r604, r605, no support for /SAVE_ORIGIN qualifier
WRITEA finished r606, new qualifier /REPLACE
WRITEO finished new command in SHX
YINFO finished r674
ZOOM finished r564
  • TBD: to be done
  • WIP: work in progress