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Apply instrument simulation

command: SIMULATE <trc-list> <instrument>

This command applies a simulation instrument filter to <trc-list>. Precondition is well filled meta data information! If a response function is not found, no filtering will be done, otherwise this operation replaces the original traces.

This command is only available in SHX!


  • <trc-list> parameter type: trace list
    Specifies the traces to be filtered.
  • <instrument> parameter type: text
    Instrument code, see qualifier list.


  • /list
    List all supported simulation instruments.
  • /restore
    Restores unfiltered traces. <instrument> parameter not necessary.


simulate all wwssn-sp
Apply simulation filter WWSSN-SP to all traces.
simulate/restore all
Restore unfiltered traces.
simulate/list ;;
List available simulation intruments.