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read ASCII trace

command: READA <ascii-file> [<dt> <length>]

Reads ASCII trace from file <ascii-file>. The file may contain the sample values in any floating format. The file may be started with info entry keywords followed by the info values, e.g. the file may contain a line "DELTA 0.05" or "START 1-JAN-90_5:30:20.3". The info values are assigned to the specified info entries. If no DELTA and/or no LENGTH info is given these values are prompted.

Please note that only one trace is read from file. Reading stops at the first blank line. To skip lines (e.g. of the first trace) use the /SKIP qualifier.


  • <ascii-file> parameter type: filename
    Name of the file to be read in.
  • <dt> parameter type: real
    Sample distance in sec. This parameter is used only if no DELTA information is given in the file.
  • <length> parameter type: integer
    Length of data array in samples. This parameter is used only if no LENGTH info is given in the file.


  • /skip=<n> skips <n> lines of the file <ascii-file> before starting to read
  • /all read all traces in file (SHX only)


reads data from file MYFILE.ASC. If no informations about sample distance and array length are available these values are prompted.
reada/skip=200 MYFILE.ASC 0.05 1000
skips 200 lines from file MYFILE.ASC and then reads 1000 samples of a sample distance 0.05 sec.