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Fetch seismograms from arclink servers

command: FETCH <stations> <start> <length>

Load waveform data from remote arclink servers. The downloaded data is cached by default.


  • <station> parameter type: string
    Denotes the data to be downloaded. The notation in SEED-Format style is mandantory, e.g. GR.GRA..BHZ (network GR, station GRA1, location empty, BH stream, Z component). The parameter may contain wildcards (asterisk and question mark).
  • <start> parameter type: time
    Beginning of the data window.
  • <duration> parameter type: float
    Duration of the data window in seconds.


  • /host
    Use other arclink server than specified in configuration file.
  • /nocache
    Don't use cache, always download data. As default SHX requests data if the local cache does not contain data for start time and of given length. There's no method to check without remote request whether a in-between gap results from missing local or original data. Therefore you should only save "final" data to cache (see next parameter).
  • /save
    Save downloaded data into local cache. SHX builds an SDS structure in $HOME/.shx/sds/.
  • /user
    Set username for request (override "user" value in section [arclink] of configuration file)
  • /password
    Set password for request (override "login" value in configuration file)


fetch gr.gra1..bhz 1-jan-12_1:44:44 600
Download and cache data for station GRA1 in given time-range.