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Fetch seismograms from arclink servers

command: FETCH <stations> <start> <length>

Load waveform data from remote arclink servers. The downloaded data is cached by default.


  • <station> parameter type: string
    Denotes the data to be downloaded. The notation in SEED-Format style is mandantory, e.g. GR.GRA..BHZ (network GR, station GRA1, location empty, BH stream, Z component). The parameter may contain wildcards (asterisk and question mark).
  • <start> parameter type: time
    Beginning of the data window.
  • <duration> parameter type: float
    Duration of the data window in seconds.


  • /host
    Use other arclink server than specified in configuration file.
  • /nocache
    Don't cache downloaded data.


fetch gr.gra1..bhz 1-jan-12_1:44:44 600
Download and cache data for station GRA1 in given time-range.