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    11= Using arclink data for SH's inventory = 
     3Using the script {{{}}} ([export:/SH_SHM/trunk/util/inventory/ download]) you can transfer the meta data information from arclink into the Seismic Handler's inventory. This script is located in recent installation in the directory ''$SH_UTIL/inventory''. 
     5== Prerequisites == 
     7The script uses [ ObsPy]. Please make sure that you have ''obspy.core'' and ''obspy.arclink'' installed. 
     9== Usage == 
     11Information is saved into ''STATINF.DAT'', ''sensitivities.txt'' and ''filter_lookup.txt'' in ''/tmp/''. You should check these files before you '''append''' the content to your regular input data in ''$SH_INPUTS''. Then copy the transfer function files into ''$SH_FILTERS'' and start the creation of the simulation filters (see also [HowTo/SimulationFilters#simulationfilters simulation filters how-to]). 
     13Here's an example for GR.GRA1: 
     16$ python 
     19 Arclink Seismic Handler inventory tool 
     22Your e-mail address for arclink query: 
     24Please enter the network and station code. It may contain wildcards, 
     25e.g. 'EI.* for the whole irish network or 'GR.GRA1' for Graefenberg A1. 
     26Enter code: GR.GRA1 
     27Fetched data for 1 stations. 
     28Fetched data for 9 channels. 
     30Saving station information to /tmp/STATINF.DAT... 
     31 GR.GRA1 
     32Saving sensitivity information to /tmp/sensitivities.txt... 
     33 GR.GRA1..HHN 
     34 GR.GRA1..LHN 
     35 GR.GRA1..HHE 
     36 GR.GRA1..BHZ 
     37 GR.GRA1..LHE 
     38 GR.GRA1..LHZ 
     39 GR.GRA1..BHE 
     40 GR.GRA1..HHZ 
     41 GR.GRA1..BHN 
     42Saving filter information to /tmp/filter_lookup.txt... 
     43 GR.GRA1..HHN 
     44 GR.GRA1..LHN 
     45 GR.GRA1..HHE 
     46 GR.GRA1..BHZ 
     47 GR.GRA1..LHE 
     48 GR.GRA1..LHZ 
     49 GR.GRA1..BHE 
     50 GR.GRA1..HHZ 
     51 GR.GRA1..BHN 
     53Now check the files in /tmp/. Afterwards append the information to 
     54the corresponding files in $SH_INPUTS. Alternatively configure 
     55additional input locations. Copy the transfer function files to 
     58In order to create simulation filters (e.g. WWSSN-SP), run the 
     59following commands: 
     61 $SH_UTIL/prep_simfilters.csh 3D842A 
     62 $SH_UTIL/prep_simfilters.csh E6D9F0 
     63 $SH_UTIL/prep_simfilters.csh 3C01AF 
     67You can also pass your email address and station code on command-line: 
     70$ python gr.wet 
     73You can fetch information for a whole network using wildcards like '' 'EI.*' '' (irish network). 
     75== Notes == 
     77 1. The script tries to create a minimum number of transfer functions. 
     78 1. The names of the transfer functions are random generated but not necessarily unique. If you use this script several times, please check for conflicts before copying into ''$SH_FILTERS'' 
     79 1. The script doesn't make use of wildcard options available in ''sensitivities.txt'' and ''filter_lookup.txt'' (e.g. GRA1-BH-?). So every channel is represented by one configuration line. 
     80 1. Please enter a valid email address for arclink access to allow the data centers to monitor and improve their service.