23:52 Changeset [1145] by klaus
trace scroll; spectrogram; wood-anderson incl. 1Hz)
23:37 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
18:34 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
18:31 Shx/ShParam edited by KlausStammler
18:29 Shx/ShParam edited by KlausStammler
18:24 Shx/ShParam edited by KlausStammler
18:16 Shx/ShUiTrigger created by KlausStammler
18:12 Shx/ShUi edited by KlausStammler
18:11 Shx/ShUi created by KlausStammler
18:08 Shx/ShPlotStations created by KlausStammler
17:54 Shx/ShSleep created by KlausStammler
17:52 Shx/ShSortByDistance created by KlausStammler
17:48 Shx/ShWiener edited by KlausStammler
17:48 Shx/ShWiener created by KlausStammler
17:40 Shx/ShReado edited by KlausStammler
17:39 Shx/ShReado edited by KlausStammler
17:39 Shx/ShReado edited by KlausStammler
17:39 Shx/ShReado edited by KlausStammler
17:38 Shx/ShWriteo edited by KlausStammler
17:37 Shx/ShWriteo created by KlausStammler
17:27 Shx/ShReado created by KlausStammler
17:16 Shx/ShPsd edited by KlausStammler
17:15 Shx/ShPsd created by KlausStammler
17:06 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
17:04 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
01:00 Changeset [1144] by klaus
reshape dialog boxes; colors


22:52 Changeset [1143] by klaus
locator interface to locsat
15:30 Changeset [1142] by klaus
window positions; mouse control in magnify window


17:07 Changeset [1141] by klaus
SHX magnification window


11:37 Changeset [1140] by klaus
first few lines of locator code
10:33 Changeset [1139] by klaus
phase menu; BP filter; bugfix in recover; quick save and recover


23:33 Changeset [1138] by klaus
bugfix in simulate, but reference frequency is missing in tf definition, …
18:35 Changeset [1137] by klaus
18:03 Changeset [1136] by klaus
save and recover of traces and parameters
11:49 Changeset [1135] by klaus
retrieve events from fdsn server into list
10:06 Changeset [1134] by klaus
fixed problems with zoom box by switching to XOR drawing of zoombox and …
07:32 Changeset [1133] by klaus
slowdown in redraw caused by pubsub -> activated again KS changes in …


23:11 Changeset [1132] by klaus
faster drawing routine, but slows down with number of redraws
22:11 Changeset [1131] by klaus
OnPaint? now make use of BufferedDC
15:09 Changeset [1130] by klaus
bugfix in metadata update; bugfix in menue entries using fdsn reading
13:54 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
13:49 Shx/ShPhase edited by KlausStammler
13:48 Shx/ShPhase edited by KlausStammler
13:44 Shx/ShPhase created by KlausStammler
12:22 Changeset [1129] by klaus
first working GUI for parameter set
12:20 Shx/ShParam edited by KlausStammler
12:12 Shx/ShParam created by KlausStammler
10:19 Shx/ShMplPlot created by KlausStammler
09:55 Shx/ShMeta created by KlausStammler


23:05 Changeset [1128] by klaus
fake interface to parameters
16:49 Changeset [1127] by klaus
thread-safe access to stations DB using singleton class copies
10:04 Changeset [1126] by klaus
working fix of threading problem with stations DB


23:02 Changeset [1125] by klaus
quick and dirty fix of threading problem with Stations class
18:33 Changeset [1124] by klaus
variables for read fdsn menu entries
13:01 Changeset [1123] by klaus
write file dialog; delete traces; mindate/maxdate on events command


21:33 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
21:31 Shx/ShFk edited by KlausStammler
21:30 Shx/ShFk created by KlausStammler
20:52 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
18:06 Shx/ShFetchArea created by KlausStammler
17:18 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
17:17 ShxSeismicHandler edited by KlausStammler
16:59 ShxSeismicHandler edited by KlausStammler
16:50 Shx/Metadata edited by KlausStammler
16:39 Shx/ShEvents created by KlausStammler
16:22 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
16:19 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
16:05 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:43 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:42 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:41 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:39 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:37 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:37 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:36 Shx/ShFdsnws edited by KlausStammler
15:36 Shx/ShFdsnws created by KlausStammler
15:08 Shx/ShChanSelect edited by KlausStammler
15:07 Shx/ShChanSelect edited by KlausStammler
15:06 Shx/ShChanSelect created by KlausStammler
14:48 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
13:07 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
13:00 Shx/CommandImplementation edited by KlausStammler
12:34 Changeset [1122] by klaus
bugfix on missing modules
11:51 Shx/Installation edited by KlausStammler
11:50 Shx/Installation edited by KlausStammler
11:46 Shx/Installation edited by KlausStammler
11:41 Changeset [1121] by klaus
try to fix root ownership of .shx during installation
03:10 Changeset [1120] by klaus
simulate menu entries


18:29 Changeset [1119] by klaus
metastatus: inidicate by trace color; busy cursor
01:12 Changeset [1118] by klaus
more menu entries; bugfix in list expression expansion


18:16 Changeset [1117] by klaus
analysisparameters, command param; more menu entries
11:38 Changeset [1116] by klaus
more simple menu entries


22:46 Changeset [1115] by klaus
first menu entries
15:24 Changeset [1114] by klaus
strange effect
15:13 Changeset [1113] by klaus
13:45 Changeset [1112] by klaus
remove colorbar in station plot
11:03 Changeset [1111] by klaus
10:14 Changeset [1110] by klaus
bugfix: missing HOME/.shx crashes SHX
09:14 Changeset [1109] by klaus
added norm command to script
09:09 Changeset [1108] by klaus
command writeo; command plot_stations; updated examples and help text


23:13 Changeset [1107] by klaus
use Agg backend for mpl; new command chanselect; add example scripts
18:46 Changeset [1106] by klaus
changed help text
10:28 Changeset [1105] by klaus
close mpl plots
10:14 Changeset [1104] by klaus
updated help text
07:51 Changeset [1103] by klaus
cmd name change


23:00 Changeset [1102] by klaus
updated examples
18:07 Changeset [1101] by klaus
handle None-depths in events; backslash use in filenames of reado; phase …
17:15 Changeset [1100] by klaus
radius request with fdsn ws implemented
07:24 Changeset [1099] by klaus
corrected trace positioning (unused space at bottom when many traces …


23:08 Changeset [1098] by klaus
prevent drawing of bitmaps with less than 5 pixel height
18:10 Changeset [1097] by klaus
add command mark (special phases, can occur multiple times)
10:29 Changeset [1096] by klaus
netcode dictionary; qicker response to phase dragging (not yet optimal)


17:23 Changeset [1095] by klaus
corrected time computation for phase display; phases may be deleted via …
17:21 Changeset [1094] by klaus
15:06 Changeset [1093] by marcus
use local copy of pubsub structure in order to insert patches here; maybe …
02:51 Changeset [1092] by klaus
module with analysis parameters (phases); command to manage phases; …


16:35 Changeset [1091] by klaus
now zoom drag window similar to SHM
16:34 Changeset [1090] by klaus
bugfixes; added file output on fk figures
16:33 Changeset [1089] by klaus
added comments to examples


16:46 Changeset [1088] by klaus
fixed deepcopy bug of graphics, moved graphics attributes to shx_graphics …
10:16 Changeset [1087] by klaus
new example scripts
08:41 Changeset [1086] by klaus
updated help output


22:59 Changeset [1085] by klaus
debug output, searching for deepcopy bug when window open
22:58 Changeset [1084] by klaus
example scripts
21:45 Changeset [1083] by klaus
add command time
19:35 Changeset [1082] by klaus
update config file


18:15 Changeset [1081] by klaus
better plot interface in fk; mplplot bugfix and other label type
15:25 Changeset [1080] by klaus
add disp/vel simulations; fix norm bug
12:09 Changeset [1079] by klaus
implemented fk command


22:53 Changeset [1078] by klaus


22:55 Changeset [1077] by klaus
fdsn ws addresses in shx config


15:59 Changeset [1076] by klaus
14:26 Changeset [1075] by klaus
added command events to read events from FDSN ws; renamed trcmeta to meta


18:40 Changeset [1074] by klaus
data and metadata requests via fdsn ws; bugfix in matadata db
01:45 Changeset [1073] by klaus
added command beam


17:15 Changeset [1072] by klaus
overlay command now working


18:49 Changeset [1071] by klaus
overlay command (still problems with indices)
15:43 Changeset [1070] by klaus
fixed really slow trace_index routine
12:42 Changeset [1069] by klaus
overlapping traces in display; SH compatible color definition
02:01 Changeset [1068] by klaus
bugfix: forward/backward of TraceAndTimeToScreen? was inconsistent; redraw …


19:42 Changeset [1067] by klaus
skip sfdb test if no database available; switch off SHX error output …
15:58 Changeset [1066] by klaus
forgot to check in other timeit changes
15:57 Changeset [1065] by klaus
nice numbers on time axis


19:02 Changeset [1064] by klaus
simulate frq qualifiers; new command reado (obspy read)
15:41 Changeset [1063] by klaus
disable timeit decorator; get_runtime of module config
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