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(edit) @1120   4 years klaus simulate menu entries
(edit) @1119   4 years klaus metastatus: inidicate by trace color; busy cursor
(edit) @1118   4 years klaus more menu entries; bugfix in list expression expansion
(edit) @1117   4 years klaus analysisparameters, command param; more menu entries
(edit) @1116   4 years klaus more simple menu entries
(edit) @1115   4 years klaus first menu entries
(edit) @1114   4 years klaus strange effect
(edit) @1113   4 years klaus bugfix
(edit) @1112   4 years klaus remove colorbar in station plot
(edit) @1111   4 years klaus bugfix
(edit) @1110   4 years klaus bugfix: missing HOME/.shx crashes SHX
(edit) @1109   4 years klaus added norm command to script
(edit) @1108   4 years klaus command writeo; command plot_stations; updated examples and help text
(edit) @1107   4 years klaus use Agg backend for mpl; new command chanselect; add example scripts
(edit) @1106   4 years klaus changed help text
(edit) @1105   4 years klaus close mpl plots
(edit) @1104   4 years klaus updated help text
(edit) @1103   4 years klaus cmd name change
(edit) @1102   4 years klaus updated examples
(edit) @1101   4 years klaus handle None-depths in events; backslash use in filenames of reado; phase …
(edit) @1100   4 years klaus radius request with fdsn ws implemented
(edit) @1099   5 years klaus corrected trace positioning (unused space at bottom when many traces …
(edit) @1098   5 years klaus prevent drawing of bitmaps with less than 5 pixel height
(edit) @1097   5 years klaus add command mark (special phases, can occur multiple times)
(edit) @1096   5 years klaus netcode dictionary; qicker response to phase dragging (not yet optimal)
(edit) @1095   5 years klaus corrected time computation for phase display; phases may be deleted via …
(edit) @1094   5 years klaus bugfix
(edit) @1093   5 years marcus use local copy of pubsub structure in order to insert patches here; maybe …
(edit) @1092   5 years klaus module with analysis parameters (phases); command to manage phases; …
(edit) @1091   5 years klaus now zoom drag window similar to SHM
(edit) @1090   5 years klaus bugfixes; added file output on fk figures
(edit) @1089   5 years klaus added comments to examples
(edit) @1088   5 years klaus fixed deepcopy bug of graphics, moved graphics attributes to shx_graphics …
(edit) @1087   5 years klaus new example scripts
(edit) @1086   5 years klaus updated help output
(edit) @1085   5 years klaus debug output, searching for deepcopy bug when window open
(edit) @1084   5 years klaus example scripts
(edit) @1083   5 years klaus add command time
(edit) @1082   5 years klaus update config file
(edit) @1081   5 years klaus better plot interface in fk; mplplot bugfix and other label type
(edit) @1080   5 years klaus add disp/vel simulations; fix norm bug
(edit) @1079   5 years klaus implemented fk command
(edit) @1078   5 years klaus bugfix
(edit) @1077   5 years klaus fdsn ws addresses in shx config
(edit) @1076   5 years klaus bugfixes
(edit) @1075   5 years klaus added command events to read events from FDSN ws; renamed trcmeta to meta
(edit) @1074   5 years klaus data and metadata requests via fdsn ws; bugfix in matadata db
(edit) @1073   5 years klaus added command beam
(edit) @1072   5 years klaus overlay command now working
(edit) @1071   5 years klaus overlay command (still problems with indices)
(edit) @1070   5 years klaus fixed really slow trace_index routine
(edit) @1069   5 years klaus overlapping traces in display; SH compatible color definition
(edit) @1068   5 years klaus bugfix: forward/backward of TraceAndTimeToScreen? was inconsistent; redraw …
(edit) @1067   5 years klaus skip sfdb test if no database available; switch off SHX error output …
(edit) @1066   5 years klaus forgot to check in other timeit changes
(edit) @1065   5 years klaus nice numbers on time axis
(edit) @1064   5 years klaus simulate frq qualifiers; new command reado (obspy read)
(edit) @1063   5 years klaus disable timeit decorator; get_runtime of module config
(edit) @1062   5 years klaus timeit decorator for runtime info
(edit) @1061   5 years klaus memory leak found in log_command of Disabled.
(edit) @1060   5 years klaus Bypassing message system for runtime variables with alternative …
(edit) @1059   5 years klaus remove /forward switches
(edit) @1058   5 years klaus rename and bugfix
(edit) @1057   5 years klaus search for memory leak
(edit) @1056   5 years klaus add fct string subcommand remove
(edit) @1055   5 years klaus complete detcap processing for one station
(edit) @1054   5 years klaus trc info dump
(edit) @1053   5 years klaus bugfix: wrong time info after stw
(edit) @1052   5 years klaus trace meta dump
(edit) @1051   5 years klaus removed debug output
(edit) @1050   5 years klaus fetch data span; read from sds cache; bugfixes
(edit) @1049   5 years klaus correct detcap scripts checked in
(edit) @1048   5 years klaus matplotlib imported in to deal correctly with output channels; …
(edit) @1047   5 years klaus bugfixs in set and cut statements; new qualifier in mplplot
(edit) @1046   5 years klaus bugfixes; more scripts
(edit) @1045   5 years klaus mplplot: trace label size; more comment to
(edit) @1044   5 years klaus clean spectrum implemented; more parameters to psd
(edit) @1043   5 years klaus scpy example wiener filter
(edit) @1042   5 years klaus disabled ArgsInfo? storage in a list (hopefully not needed here) due to …
(edit) @1041   5 years klaus title im mplplot; change licence text concerning BGR and DFG
(edit) @1040   5 years klaus mplplot: first working version; help command
(edit) @1039   5 years klaus matplotlib output of traces (first code)
(edit) @1038   5 years klaus bugfixes
(edit) @1037   5 years klaus test scripts with many traces being created
(edit) @1036   5 years klaus detcap scripts (first code)
(edit) @1035   5 years klaus bugfix
(edit) @1034   5 years klaus cleaned new command sort_by_distance from debug output
(edit) @1033   5 years klaus added status_delay parameter; changed parameter passing on getWaveform
(edit) @1032   5 years klaus activate zoom variable; fix deep copy recursion bug on trace copy
(edit) @1031   5 years klaus remove exceptions and stay_on_top flag
(edit) @951   7 years marcus - pointing to new home of pubsub
(edit) @944   7 years marcus - PSD? command - make sure, that every new trace has a cleaned …
(edit) @943   7 years marcus - make sure that display cache is deleted
(edit) @940   7 years marcus - obspy checks simplified
(edit) @939   7 years marcus - config changes
(edit) @937   7 years marcus - debug removed
(edit) @936   7 years marcus - change of qualifier name/feature for FETCH - gain and paz are …
(edit) @935   7 years marcus - local caching of meta data
(edit) @934   7 years marcus
(edit) @933   7 years marcus - making colors and line-styles work better
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