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  • SHX/trunk/SeismicHandler/commands/

    r1171 r1176  
    4343     * <network> ''parameter type: string''[[br]] 
    44        Network code or comma separated list of network codes to request 
    45        stations from. Examples "GR" or "GR,TH". 
     44       Network code, comma separated list of network codes or named station 
     45       list. Examples "GR" or "GR,TH" (network codes) or "GRSN" (named station 
     46       list). Named station lists are taken from the setup file 
     47       "station-groups.conf", usually in "$HOME/.shx". 
    4749     * <station> ''parameter type: string''[[br]] 
    4850       Station or comma separated list of stations data from. Accepts wildcards. 
    49        Examples "GRA1", "GRA1,GRA2", "GR*" or "*". 
     51       Examples "GRA1", "GRA1,GRA2", "GR*" or "*". Ignored if <network> is a 
     52       named station list. 
    5154     * <location> ''parameter type: string''[[br]] 
    5255       Location code or comma separated list of location codes. Accepts 
    53        wildcards. Examples ",00" or "*". 
     56       wildcards. Examples ",00" or "*". Ignored if <network> is a named station 
     57       list. 
    5559     * <channel> ''parameter type: string''[[br]] 
    56        Channel code. Accepts wildcards. Examples "BHZ", "BH*" or "*". 
     60       Channel code or comma separated list of channel codes. Accepts wildcards. 
     61       Examples "BHZ", "BH*", "*" or "HH?,EH?". 
    5863     * <starttime> ''parameter type: string''[[br]] 
  • SHX/trunk/SeismicHandler/data/help.txt

    r1175 r1176  
    4242    metadata are requested from the FDSN webserver and copied into the local 
    4343    database. Uses SHX commands FDSNWS and META. 
     44    Parameter details: 
     45        readws_net: netcode, comma-separated list of netcodes or named station 
     46                    list (named station lists are defined in the configuration 
     47                    file station-groups.conf, usually in $HOME/.shx). If this 
     48                    parameter is left empty, no fixed station list is read in. 
     49                    E.g. "GR", "GR,TH,SX" or "GRSN" (named station list) 
     50        readws_station: station name or wildcard expression. Ignored if 
     51                    'readws_net' is a named station list. 
     52                    E.g. "gra1" or "*" 
     53        readws_loc: location code or wildcard expression. Ignored if 
     54                    'readws_net' is a named station list. 
     55                    E.g "01" or "*" 
     56        readws_chan: channel or comma-separated list of channels, wildcards 
     57                    accepted. E.g. "HHZ", "BH?" or "HH?,EH?" 
     58        read_time:  absolute start time for reading (SH format). 
     59                    E.g. "12-Jun-2015_08:37:22" 
     60        read_length: length of time window in s 
     61        readws_server: address or named of FDSN server. E.g. "GFZ", "BGR" or 
     62                    "IRIS" 
     63        sta_radius: if this is set then additionally to the above read operation 
     64                    data traces from a circular area are read in. Takes the 
     65                    radius of the area in deg. 
     66        sta_latitude: latitude of the area center in deg. 
     67        sta_longitude: longitude of the area center in deg. 
    4569File Menu - Add stations around epicenter 
  • SHX/trunk/SeismicHandler/modules/

    r1169 r1176  
    77import wx 
    88import wx.lib.scrolledpanel as SP 
     9import wxdialog 
    910import time 
    1011import math 
    20982099            'Read stations in circle area around epicener from FDSN webserver', 
    20992100            self.OnReadFdsnCircle ) 
     2101        #self.addEntry( fileMenu, 'Read Data ...', 
     2102        #    'Opens dialog box for data input', self.OnReadDialog ) 
    21002103        fileMenu.AppendSeparator() 
    21012104        self.addEntry( fileMenu, 'Complete Metadata (FDSN)', 
    25722575        _sendShCommand( '\n'.join(cmds) ) 
     2577    def OnReadDialog( self, e ): 
     2578        dlg = wxdialog.ReadDialog(self) 
     2579        dlg.ShowModal() 
     2580        dlg.Destroy() 
     2581        result = dlg.getResult() 
     2582        print "dbg: dialog result", result 
    25742584    def OnReadFdsnCircle( self, e ): 
    25752585        "plotterWindow: file menu entry." 
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